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Concern regarding Instagram

06th February 2020

Dear parents, we have received the following message this morning from the safeguarding team.  We have passed it on so you are aware.

We have been made aware this morning by one of the high schools in Staffordshire that there is a concern regarding Instagram and a bogus modelling agency grooming children.

West Midlands Police have advised that students at a number of Secondary schools in our area have been contacted by a bogus modelling agency called Starlett or Scarlett Bookings Agency. Initially they request photos of the child in their favourite outfit, then a bikini shot and finally they ask for a naked photo so that they can analyse their body type coupled with threats if they are not forthcoming.  

 Please could you share this with parents at your school and raise it with the children themselves if this is age appropriate.

 Primary Schools – I have included you in this mailing as I am concerned that our younger children may also be targeted if they are on Instagram, which we know many of them are.