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This is what we teach our children!

Due to having mixed aged classes in our academies, we have a two year rolling curriculum programme. This ensures that the National Curriculum programmes of study are covered across KS1 and lower KS2. Staff, pupils and parents were part of building our curriculum as we are passionate about teaching to the needs of our children. On our curriculum building day, we chose ‘thematic questions’ which relate to the national curriculum strands. This determined what we taught and when across the two year cycle. Our aim is to promote the development of knowledge through a curriculum that is sequenced and builds progressively from EYFS to Year 4. This is then further enhanced through the teaching of transferable skills bespoke to the children in our academies.

The History and Geography thematic questions below provide the framework for what is being taught. Other subjects such as Science, PSHE, RE, Music and PE, link where possible. Reading and Writing is linked where relevant, for example; What on Earth? – KS2 will be learning about the Rainforests. In English, pupils will be writing a newspaper report about the effects of deforestation.

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Key Stage 2's Knowledge Mats & Curriculum Booklets

Spring 2019-20

Autumn 2019 - 2020


Spring Term 2019-20



Reception/Nursery Curriculum Information.