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Careers Talks

We are passionate about adding enrichment opportunities for all our pupils as part of our inspiring curriculum. Alongside our '50 things', we are having careers days throughout the academic year. We feel these help broaden the children’s horizons, skills and thoughts about the future.

Our visitors included a parent that is a nurse. He gave the children the opportunity to discover their own heartbeat using a stethoscope, explore a nursing treatment doll (tubes, resuscitation etc.) and to bandage their own toy. The CEO of our trust, SUAT, who spoke about a number of different jobs he has held, including a pizza delivery person and martial arts instructor! Another visitor was a parent who is a bank manager showed the children £20 in different denominations and then had them consider why we have each type. They saw a cheque and then had the opportunity of budgeting for items to go in their bedrooms. Eye opening!