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Academy Council

The role of the Local Academy Council is to contribute to the development of the academy, providing support and challenge from the perspective of pupils, parents and stakeholders. It is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds.
The Local Academy Council will carry out its duties in a manner which will enable the objectives for the academy to be achieved and will provide regular reports of its activity to the Academy Trust. The Local Academy Council shall have oversight of the academy's activities and duties outlined in the schedule of delegation document.

The Chair of the LAC, Mrs Julia Smith can be contacted on

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Governing Board and Committee Memberships

Local Academy Council (LAC) and Committee Memberships

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Register of Business interests 2019/2020

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Governor attendance at meetings 2019-20

Governor attendance at meetings 2018-19

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Category Name Roles Committees
Executive Headteacher Mrs Rebecca Walker
(Staff Member)
Ex officio Executive Headteacher, Pay Commitee
Chair Mrs Julia Smith 31/03/22 Chair of Local Academy Council, Pay Committee, Headteacher's Performance Management Committee, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Looked After Children, PREVENT
Vice Chair Mr Ben Cunningham 31/03/20 Vice Chair of the Local Academy Council, Pay Committee, Curriculum
LAC Member Mrs Holly Kelsall 25/10/20 Parent Governor (Alton), SEND and Pupil Premium
Mrs Natalie Gilmour
(Staff Member)
Associate Member
Mr Ian Briggs 31/03/22 Academy web sites
Mr David Boden 31/03/23 Headteacher's Performance Management Committee, Pay, Christian Distinctiveness
Mrs Linda Goodwin 31/03/22 Curruculum and Early Years Foundation Stage
Rev B Leathers Ex officio Headteacher's Performance Management Committee, Christian Distinctiveness
Revd Les Rees Ex officio Christian Distinctiveness
Mrs Anna Bennett
(Staff Member)
09/10/20 Deputy Executive Head and Staff Governor
Mrs Tracey Pemberton
(Staff Member)
Associate Member, Governor Training
Mrs Emma Manby
(Staff Member)
Associate Member
Mrs Tracy Ward 2/4/23 Curriculm